Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ia din mine partea ta si pleaca!
[..and never come back.]

Friday, January 15, 2010

Si tot nu ti-e dor?!

Tie nu ti e dor?..dar chiar nu ti e dor?Zimi: Nu ti e dor de zambetul parfumul meu?de mine,dar de mine chiar nu ti e dor?! deoarece ...mie DA.Mi e dor de tot ce a tinut si tine de tine.Nu exista zi in care sa nu ma gandesc la tot ceea ce a fost si tot ceea ce ar mai fi putut fi:).
Cu fiecare clipa ce trece numai am inima.Te am pierdut iar cand ai plecat ai luat totul,absolut tot!Mi te ai luat pe tine,pofta de viata,toate sperantele si visele ce mi le facusem.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don t even know if I ll find words to describe HIM.
He is the most special person in the whole world.Nobody can be more sweet and romantic as my love.What I feel for HIM is much more than some butterfly s in my stomach,more than any stupid drawing or a love poem.
My heart responds only at a single name and that is Marius, my special boy.We know and we love each other sincer 1 year ago.At first it was more like a simple attraction but with the time I ve learned to care and to love him very much<3.
Always there when I m in trouble or I just need someone to talk to.He learned toundersten me even if I m a lil difficult as a person.
I had the best summer ever.
It s normal in a relationship to argue about silly things but I think this make our love much stronger.
I really cannot see me without HIM, I m glad that finally I found someone who can really apreciate for who I am.
Love you forever<3.
ps:this was written long time ago.we broke up so it s just a memory,a sweet memory but always in my heart.
I just want you to say that no matter what you ll always be a part of me.